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Terms and Conditions for the Participation in the Examination for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek

Please read the terms and conditions very carefully and ask the examination centre for clarifications if there is anything you can’t understand.


Before the exams: application

·     Applications for participation in the examination are submitted only within the time period specified each year by the CGL for every examination period.

·     Candidates must be at least 8 years old on the 31st May.

·     Candidates for A1 level for children must be at least 8 years old and not over 12 years old on the 31st May.

·     Each candidate may take part in the examination for one or more levels as long as the fees for every level have been paid.

·     Under no circumstances and for no reason whatsoever are examination fees refunded.

·     Under no circumstances can a candidate be substituted for by another person who has not registered for the examination.

·     The CGL, at the suggestion of the examination centres, may provide special arrangements for candidates with special needs (e.g. provide additional time for the writing examination, or more breaks, etc.). These special arrangements may only be effected after the candidate has filled in the relevant application and submitted the relevant documents, issued by the respective official authorities.

·     The candidate’s name must be written in block capitals and spelled in the way the candidate wishes it to appear on his/her certificate (for their best interest candidates are advised to write their name and surname as they appear in their passport).

·     The candidate must carefully indicate the level(s) in which he/she wishes to participate. No mistakes can be rectified after the application forms have been forwarded to the CGL.

·     The candidate may change examination centre only under special circumstances, after he/she has submitted the justified application to the CGL via the examination centre, at least one month prior to the examination date.

·     Apart from the application, the candidate is required to fill in a questionnaire.

·     Τhe candidate states that he/she grants to the CGL the right to process, for the purposes of the examination, his/her personal data as declared in the registration paper and in the questionnaire. Moreover, the candidate grants to the CGL the exclusive right to process his/her dataas declared in the questionnaires, in the recording of the speaking test and in the writing paper, for scientific reasons. It is to be noted that any scientific use and process of the specific data is carried out anonymously, by omitting the candidate’s personal details.


After the exams: results

·     The Certificate of Attainment in Greek is awarded to candidates who have passed all four or five (depending on the level) skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing, use of Greek language). If a candidate fails even one of them, he/she fails the whole examination.

·     All skills count equally towards the final grade. Levels A1, A2 and B1 consist of four skills (each carrying 25% of the final mark) and levels Β2, C1 andC2 consist of five skills (each carrying 20% of the final mark).

·     The minimum passing grade for every skill is 60%.

·     Final assessment of successful candidates does not appear on certificates in numerical terms; only the following classifications are used: “Good” (=60-72 points), “Very Good” (=73-85 points), “Excellent” (=86-100 points).

·     Detailed examination results are sent to examination centres in late July. They indicate which skills have been passed or failed using the indication “Pass” or “Fail”.

·     Candidates are informed of the results only by their examination centres; under no circumstances are they informed directly by the CGL.


·     A candidate, who has failed the examination, can ask within the time period specified by the CGL to have his/her script re-assessed by submitting the relevant application and depositing a €60 fee in the bank account of the CGL.

·     Successful candidates’ certificates are sent to their examination centres which are responsible for sending them to candidates.

·     In case a candidate changes his/her address, he/she should inform the examination centre on time.

·     In case a candidate loses the certificate, he/she may apply to the CGL for the certificate to be reissued, after paying the relevant fee. The reason for such a request must be clearly stated in the relevant application.


During the exams

·     Candidates must know the code number of their examination centre, their own code number, the dates and times of the examination and the rooms in which the examination is to be held. This information is provided by the examination centre upon registration.

·     In case the person in charge of the examination centre fails to provide this information, candidates must ask for it.

·     Candidates must be present in the examination room at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the beginning of the examination. They must bear some valid form of identification (ID card, passport, driver’s license, etc.) to be shown to invigilators when asked.

·     In the examination room, candidates are not allowed to bring dictionaries, books, paper or anything other than pens and rubbers.

·     Mobile phones must be switched off and placed in bags or pockets throughout the examination.

·     Candidates must use either blue or black pen to write on the test papers. In the writing skill and in all exercises where the candidate is required to take notes, he/she must use small letters, not capitals. When the writing paper is totally written in capital letters, the paper is not evaluated.  

·     Pencils may be used only for draft answers; draft answers may be written on blank pages in the test papers and should best be crossed out before the paper is handed in.

·     The use of correction fluid is prohibited; mistakes may be crossed out.

·     During the examination, candidates must not talk to or bother other candidates.

·     Candidates must clearly write their name and code number on each test paper.

·     If their test paper is different, is missing pages, is misprinted, or is in any way irregular, candidates should ask the invigilator for another copy.

·     There is no break during the written examination. Candidates cannot leave the examination room prior to the end of the examination; they may only leave the room for some serious reason only if they are accompanied by an invigilator.

·     If a candidate does not follow the above rules, he/she may be disqualified and fail the examination, depending on the circumstances. His/her fees will not be refunded.


I hereby state that I have been informed about and have accepted all terms and conditions that govern my participation in the Examination for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek and that I will fulfill my obligations (if the candidate is under 18, the form is signed by his/her parent or guardian).



Date: ___________________________


Name (fully written): ________________________________________









Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs

Centre for the Greek Language

Certificate of Attainment in Greek



Application for participation in the examination of May 2018

Examination centre:


Examination centrecode No:


Candidate’s surname*: ___________________________________________________

Candidate’s name*: _______________________ Candidate’s father’s name: __________________

Code No**                        



Date of birth: ___________________

                  Sex:     male   r        female   r

Proof of identity***: Type _______________ Number _____________

Home address





Post code  ____________

Country: _________________

Mailing address (complete only if it is different from Home Address)





Post code  ____________

Country: _________________

Tel __________________________________

Fax: ___________________

e-mail: ______________________________________________________

Amount of money paid: _______________ Date: _____________



Please accept my application for participation in the examinations for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek. The level/s I will be participating at is/are:

Α1 (for children 8-12)    r 

A1 (for adolescents and adultsr

A2     r

Β1    r

B2             r

C1               r

C2             r

Α2 for vocational purposes****    r 




I hereby declare that I understand and accept the terms for my participation in the examination.

Date:      ___________________________


* Please write your name and surname as they appear in your passport and in CAPITAL LETTERS.

** To be completed by the examination centre.

*** In the exams candidates need to present a valid proof of identity (ID card, passport, driving license, etc).

**** The A2 for vocational purposes exams address candidates who are citizens of EU-member countries, who wish to work in Greece in specific professions, and, as a result, need to prove their knowledge at this level. Exception: Candidates of Non-EU member countries can take the exams at that level only if they submit their application to an examination centre in Greece and need the certificate e.g. for a taxi driving license or a nurse’s license.


Request for testing accommodations

This special form is completed only by candidates who have valid reasons to request testing accommodations, so that practical aspects of the examination can be regulated. Testing accommodations granted to candidates are decided by a special committee. Candidates are informed about the testing accommodations before the exams.


Please check the box, if you request testing accommodations due to some kind of disability.

r       Testing accommodations are requested.


Please check accordingly:

r        Learning disability (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, etc.)

r       SpeechDisability

r       Autism

            r       Vision problems (Blindness)

            r       Low Vision problems

            r       Deafness

            r       Hard of Hearing

            r       Permanent Physical Disability

            r       Temporary Physical Disability (hand fracture, etc.)

Other (pleasespecify):




Testing accommodations requested:

            r        Reader

            r        Recorder/ Writerofanswers

Otheraccommodations (pleasespecify):




Alternate test format:

            r       Braille

            r       Large-printtestpaper

            r       Large-print answer sheet

            r       Omitspeakingsection (incaseofdeafness)

            r       Omitlisteningsection (incaseofdeafness)

Other (pleasespecify):





Testing Time:

In case you have valid reasons to ask for more testing time, please check accordingly:


Testing time extended


Use of Language (in B2, C1, C2)










50%(time and one-half)






100%(double time)








Documentation for review submitted to the examination centre:

You are kindly requested to submit documentation, which is to be sent to the CGL.

            r       Medical certificate issued by hospital or specialized doctor translated in Greek.


Note: Any health documents or certificates should have been issued within the last three (3) years before the date of the exams in order to be valid. Doctor’s name, specialty and statement should be clearly written. All documents must bear stamp and signature. The CGL has the right to contact the doctor and ask for further details. All personal data are treated confidentially. Candidates may submit valid copies of the original documents.